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Master Zachary Lui

Master Zachary Lui is a Licensed Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Reiki & Qigong Master, and practicing Chinese Folk Priest.  With over 10 years in energy & Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, Master Lui founded Wuji Xuan Life Wellness as a way to support people  in communities with affordable, accessible, and accountable alternative medicine and spiritual practices.

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Community Acupuncture
60 min session

Pain Relief

Stress Relief

Better Sleep & Health

Private Chinese Medicine / Reiki
60 min session

One-on-One Private Session

Balances the Body

Pain /Stress Relief

Qigong Class
60 min session

Improve physical postures

Basic Fundamentals for all Energy Work

Adaptable to Varying Goals

Community Meditation
60 min session

Increase Concentration & FOcus

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Connect with internal & external

*Initial Private Acupuncture Session - $40/75 minutes
**Initial Private Chinese Medicine Session - $130 / 75 minutes
(Initial sessions requires additional time for medical history consultations)
Try your first Qigong Class for only $15! *Available to new clients only.
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We will be closed Friday Dec 22, 2017 to Tues Jan 2, 2018. Happy Holidays!



I took a Qigong class with Zachary. He great at giving information and explaining the process. He was able to provide insights to myself that I did not realize.