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Toronto Acupuncture

Toronto Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an excellent alternative to benefit your health. Wuji Xuan Life Wellness offers Toronto Acupuncture to help you with whatever your condition is. In our private treatments, we combine various modalities. These modalities range from Guasha (scraping), Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), Acupressure, Cupping Therapy, Qigong Therapy, Diet and Lifestyle recommendations. Each therapy layers on top of the other one. Imagine a cake, each modality adds a different piece to the whole.  As a result, through the synergy of therapies, you receive a custom treatment based on your unique needs.

How do you figure out what modalities to use?

We start the consultation off through a TCM diagnosis. TCM Diagnosis combines three ways of gathering information.

  1. Asking Specific Traditional Chinese Medical questions to help determine what is imbalance is causing your chief complaint
  2. Checking both Pulses. This is to feel the circulation and texture of the Blood & Qi in your body.
  3. Looking at your Tongue. The tongue is a snapshot of the condition of the organs & internal body environment.

In conclusion of the TCM Diagnosis, Zachary (R. Ac) will select a combination of Acupuncture points for your condition. In addition to this, other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities are picked to support the Acupuncture treatment.

 What do the Traditional Chinese Medical modalities do?

Guasha (Scrapping):

Scrapping therapy is excellent for tense muscles, pain & cold – flus. This therapy utilizes an object such as bone, stone, or metal to scrape the skin to release a muscle area. The feeling is similar to massage. As a result, lactic acid & tension releases which relaxes the muscles.  Consequently, the release of lactic acid & muscle relaxation causes more blood circulation in the area being stimulated. While this therapy is beneficial, it will leave bruises on the skin surface for a few days. The redness or bruises left is lactic acid releasing through the skin pores.


Cupping or Cupping Therapy works on the same principles as Scrapping. Rather than use an object to scrape it utilizes cups. Due to the use of suction cups, cupping therapy can have a deeper detoxification effect on the blood and muscles. Cupping therapy has multiple applications. One use of cupping therapy is called moving cupping. This technique places a cup on the skin, moving it up and down a channel. As a result, the effect feels similar to massage. In addition to this, cupping therapy is stationary. When stationary, the cups go on top of acupuncture point areas. The effect releases pain in the local area, improves blood and qi circulation and activates the point strongly.