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Many of us today suffer from respiratory allergies.  But did you know, there are actually ways of reducing and even eliminating that dreadful congestion or other allergic symptoms?  With acupuncture, we can balance your body to help you find relief and treating root  cause of your allergies.  Read on to find out more.

Allergies in Traditional Chinese Medicine

With the spring here, respiratory allergies are one of the top complaints people experience. Respiratory Allergies in Traditional Chinese Medicine can affect a few systems. There are a lot of intricacies to the causes of Respiratory Allergies. Generally it can be caused by a mixture of exterior + excessive & interior + deficiency conditions.


What systems are affected by Allergies in TCM?


Lung Organ: Respiratory Allergies affect the Lungs and can cause difficulty breathing. This can be either through the chest itself or through the nose which the Lung is in charge of.


Liver Organ: The Liver is in charge of free flow of Qi and being able to help transitions. Spring is the season of the Liver. As there is an increase of environmental Wood energy in Spring, sometimes a person cannot adjust quickly from Winter’s Water Qi to Spring’s Wood Qi. This causes pent up hent and stagnation in the Liver energy, which affects the Lungs.


Stomach Meridian: The Stomach meridian passes down the face. Being one of the main meridians on the face, it can easily funnel heat from weakened organs such as Lungs (which is in charge of the nose). If this happens, there is usually sinus pressure along with Respiratory allergies.


Large Intestine Meridian: As with the Stomach Meridian, the Large Intestine Meridian connects to the face and actually has points on the edge of the nostrils. Large Intestine being the partner to the Lung Organ will pick up any slack if the Lung as a meridian or organ is affected. In terms of allergies, it usually takes away the inflammation.


What is the cause of Allergies in TCM?


From Traditional Chinese Medicine, it can generally be broken down into:


Lung weakness (too little Lung energy)


During the Springtime, Lung energy is dramatically affected because of the uprising Wood energy. If there is a Metal (Lung) weakness, it cannot keep the Wood energy under control hence allergies.


Liver excess (too much liver energy)


With the Spring increasing Liver and Wood energy, it needs to be balanced. Lungs (Metal) control the Wood energy because of Metal can chop down Wood. However, if the Wood energy is stronger than the Metal energy, allergies can pop up.


Meridian Effects:


With the balance off between the Lung and Liver, the junior partner of the Lung being Large Intestine will be affected. The Stomach Meridian is also paired with the Large Intestine, so it can be also affected. Both meridians connect to the face. In terms of allergies, both these Meridians can get stuck because the Lung is trying to get rid of the inflammation.


Mixture of all:


All this stated, usually when it comes to allergies its a mixture of all the above. There are other reasonings too for allergies, however the above is the most general.


All these channels & organs have a certain flow & function. The cause of Respiratory allergies is an imbalance &  is highly unique to the individual. In Traditional Chinese Medicine through a professional, one can get a diagnosis via questions, pulse & tongue to get a custom treatment.


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Note: This is a general information article & one should go to a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) or Traditional Chinese Practitioner (TCM.P) for a individualized diagnosis for your specific condition.