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Picking the Right Qigong Master for You

Picking the Right Qigong Master for You

Picking the Right Qigong Master for You

Qigong & Meditation are methods of self-discovery, cultivation and insight. Because the subjects are not always tangible for the learner, it is often difficult for the average person to determine validity of a teacher’s expertise and the extent of their skill. Until the learner achieves a certain level of competency and had experiences from comparing teachers and Masters, it is often a subjective  experience on an instructor’s “abilities. Such is the case when we apply to a job, the employer often uses “track record” to deem ability as proof of demonstration, however in these less tangible internal practices, it is impossible for the new learners to have the ability to gauge  the validity of the “track record”.

Learning Qigong in many ways is similar to the art of cooking.  Not everyone wants to be a professional chef and go through years of grilling chef school, but some of us are willing to invest some time to go to a cooking class or workshop to give you some skills to make your everyday cooking better.  


Know your why?

Different kind of goals  has varying degrees of commitment and expectation.  Being a Qigong Master requires extensive training and commitment when compared to someone who simply wants to be happier, healthier, and more in touch with themselves.  Traditional style teaching methods are more suited towards those who is willing to invest years or even decades with the goal of becoming Qigong Master in mind.  Alternatively, you want to maximize  the benefits of qigong with minimum effort and time commitment.

It is said in olden days a Master or Teacher would only teach certain techniques or give specialized insights only to their disciples. (often indoor students that have demonstrated certain commitments towards a school or lineage) Another words, many Teachers and Masters hold back on what they would give out based on the type of relationship you have.  This was done  to protect a school’s superiority over other schools or families.

What if you were able to get those inner chamber teachings on a public level?

In the age of globalization, the internet, and waves of information, it is hard to figure out what is the “real deal”. In preservation of Qigong as a system, many things need to transform. The first would be the customization of forms to individuals.

Traditionally, a person would practice a Qigong form for hours, days, months, years and eventually they will start noticing the nuances little by little.  What may seem like the same movements have infinite possibilities that can change the effects in a practice.  Think of it like a golf swing, we all know what it “generally” looks like but the differences lie in the details.  A certain angle, rotation, height, curvature and other fine details is what establishes a beginner and someone who clearly knows what they are doing.  Same goes for qigong, where if you were able to get information on moving your individual blocks, it drastically improves your qigong practices as you are able to clear and move energies more efficiently instead of trying to bulldoze through a wall.


A different way of looking at Qigong Practice

Qigong is the cultivation and refinement of energy. In cultivating Qi, one must ask the question of - how much Qi is being cultivated to the effort or time being expended? In refinement, one must ask, how is the energy being refined optimally? If one were to steam meat, it has a different process and refinement than pan-frying it. The next question after optimal refinement is, what are my goals and what is the fastest way to achieving them through a practice?

It's when one starts asking these contemplative questions, the answer always comes down to how much your Master or Teacher is willing to  guide you or whether or not the Teacher and Master has the ability to give those tips that will change your outputs.


When looking at things from a traditional view, it makes sense the Teacher and Master grills the student making them experience every fine detail themselves, this enables the student to self detect in advance practices when they themselves want to be Masters.  However, in our modern day society, most of us simply want the health and emotional benefits of practicing Qigong and have more important thing in life than becoming a Qigong Master.  This is where customizations from a qualified Teacher or Master makes a world of difference in helping you get better results in shorter time.

As most Masters still take the traditional attitude in training, rarely would you have access to these Masters that are willing to give you these customization from the very beginning. (alternatively you pay thousands of dollars for “special learning”)   At Toronto Qigong @ Wuji Xuan Life Wellness, Master Lui believes in an experience that gives you better physical and emotional health, better cultivations all in a shortest time so you can get the benefits of Qigong practice and still have time left to enjoy your life.


R.Ac (Acupuncturist), Qigon & Reiki Master at Wuji Xuan Life Wellness
Experienced Acupuncturist trained in various styles including Japanese, Korean, and Classical Chinese Medicine Acupuncture.Passionate Qigong Instructor and Reiki Master.Instructor with the Quantum Life Science Institute and believe in changing lives through energy, intent, and spirit.

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