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four phases

In Part I of Understanding Five Elements, we covered the Generation Cycle (Birthing) & the Controlling Cycle. Let's now move on to the remaining three phases.

The 3rd Phase is called the Destroying-Over Controlling Cycle. The elemental interactions within this Phase are exactly like Phase 2. However, the major difference in Phase 3 vs. Phase 2, is in Destroying-Over Controlling the element doesn’t balance the elemental interactions but dominates and restrains it.

Water dominates Fire
Fire dominates Metal
Metal dominates Wood
Wood dominates Earth
Earth dominates Water

In Phase 3, there is no balance between the elements. Water extinguishes Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal chops down Wood excessively, Wood via its roots takes all the nutrition from Earth and crumbles it, Earth dams up & absorbs Water.

The fourth Cycle is called the Insult Cycle. This cycle is defined by reversing the 2nd or 3rd Phase. It is natural for example that Water can control or extinguish Fire. In the Insult Phase, Fire Energy is so excessive it burns Water.

Fire burns Water
Metal does not melt to Fire
Wood is resistant to Metal
Earth is so dry or solid Wood cannot grow
Water washes Earth

It is called the Insult cycle because it is against the natural order of things. Things are completely reversed and it is unnatural. Generally when this cycle is seen, the out of balance element is excessive and over-riding due to various circumstances or the balancing element has become weakened for some reason.

The fifth and the final phase is called the Weakening Cycle. This cycle is a reverse of the Phase 1 (Birth-Generation) Cycle. For example, Wood needs Water to grow. However, if Wood is in abundance, it will suck up more Water which overtime weakens it. Eventually, the Wood might drain all the Water or drastically lessen the amount.

Water weakens Metal
Metal weakens Earth
Earth weakens Fire
Fire weakens Wood
Wood weakens Water

It is said for Phase 5: Water oxidizes Metal causing it to rust, Metal is mined from the Earth causing stability issues within the crust, Earth does not burn - absorbs the ash Fire produces - limiting the spread, Fire burns Wood as fuel, and Wood absorbs Water to grow.

There is a intimate relationships between Phase 1 (Birth-Generation) and Phase 5 (Weakening). The element which produces its following element is weakened by it. Another way to view this is in relationships. Phase 1 & 5 would be characterized as Parent and child relationship. The parent has a child (Phase 1). The child maybe to demanding for the Parent, causing the Parent to suffer (Phase 5).

Stayed tune for Understanding the Five Elements: Part 3 where we will talk about the Five Elements and how they apply to your life.