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Wonder what the connection between Reiki & Qigong is? Both systems have quite a bit in common. 

Reiki History Snippet

A little-known fact is that Usui Sensei was a Martial Artist & Qigong Master. The root of his training derived from Tendai Buddhism & Kiko (Japanese Qigong). He also had experience with Shugendo & formal Shinto. Shugendo is a system which mixes Daoism, Esoteric Buddhism & Shinto. Yearning for more he went off to the mountains for a retreat. On his pilgrimage, he fasted & practiced a Tendai Buddhist meditation. Through this experience, Reiki was born.

Lingqi & Reiki

Lingqi and Reiki are the same words. The Chinese pronunciation is Lingqi & Reiki is the Japanese. Did Reiki derive from Lingqi? Did Lingqi derive from Reiki? The Chinese classics describe Lingqi as “spiritual force”. The philosopher Mengzi talks about flood-like qi which can be cultivated when one is in touch with one’s heart.

One with the Heart

In Far Eastern Cultures, the heart is very important. The Heart represents one’s behavior, attitude, and spirit. It is the seat of consciousness.

In Confucian, Daoist, Shinto, & even Buddhist practices the Heart is central. It is no surprise Usui Sensei would emphasize this. “Just Today” represents the Heart, being conscious & present. From a Qigong perspective, this is represented by Yin Yang & Five Elements. The Heart is elementally Fire.

Breaking down the Language

In Japanese, the word today is 今日 literally means “present day”.  However, another view is that the characters it could mean “opening oneself – being present to the sun”. The sun is the epitome of Yang & fire.

Yin Yang & Five Element Me!

Following the “Just today,” the principles go to “I will not be angry”. Afterward, it moves to “I will not worry”.  These emotional virtues are well expressed in Five Element Theory. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong utilize them as a practice consistently. Within Five Elements,  each element has a virtue associated with it.

  • Anger represents Wood
  • Worry represents Earth
  • Honesty & Gratefulness represents Metal
  • Diligence (Wisdom) represents Water

Wait..you skipped fire. No, I didn’t.

Fire is present in every element with the beginning of “Just for today”. The emphasis on Fire is probably due to heavy Hindu-Indic influence relating onto Buddhism. However, that is a different discussion. Going back, Yin & Yang are also represented in the precepts. In the beginning, Yang (positive) is followed by Yin (negative) statements. As a result of following the Five Element Cycle repeats itself.  Hence, Wood becomes positive in its virtues of kindness & compassion.

Practicing Qigong to Better Your Reiki

Qigong is just one of the many tools that can improve your practice of Reiki. There are many other modalities such as meditation, Daoist, Buddhist, Shugendo & Shinto energy-work, & understanding the historical context of Usui Sensei‘s time to better your techniques & applications.

Want to Learn More?

Although Reiki is a complete system, the education & practice is generally lacking for a proper foundation.

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