Acupuncture For Sciatica Pain

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is well known that Acupuncture can help with pain. Can Acupuncture help with Sciatica? The answer is yes, Acupuncture can benefit and help with this type of pain. Let us explore what it is in a Traditional Chinese medical context.


Generally speaking, sciatica pain can be broken into three categories.

  • Channel Blocks
  • Location of Channels
  • Postural

Channel Blocks

Where there is a pain, there is blocked Qi. Qi is the energy which flows through all things. Depending on where sciatica derives from it usually affects two major channels. These channels are the Urinary Bladder channel or the Gallbladder channel. In addition, sciatic pain can branch out to the partner channels of Kidney & Liver. 

Location of Channels

The location of sciatic pain can be behind the leg (Urinary Bladder) or outer side of the leg (Gallbladder). Occasionally, it can be both. These two channels are primary to any TCM diagnosis to help alleviate this syndrome. As a result, treatment of the two meridians may be a focus. While Urinary Bladder & Gallbladder are the focus, other channels can be used to assist also.


Posture plays a major role in Sciatica. Acupuncture for sciatica pain is focused on releasing the muscles, tendons, and channels. Hence one's daily posture has a dramatic effect. When there is pain there is a lack of smooth nutritious or oxygenated blood to the area. It is not uncommon that after various treatments focusing on sciatica, a person's posture could improve. 

Why Acupuncture For Sciatica Pain?

Acupuncture for sciatica pain is helpful because of its holistic approach. In Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture because it views all accounts of lifestyle, there is a complex web of relationships. This web includes various interrelationships between the body, emotions & thoughts. Hence, over time it can help a person become balanced. It can also help one be aware of themselves, assist in physical ailments and help process one’s emotions & thoughts.

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The cause of sciatica is an imbalance and is highly unique to the individual.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine through a professional, one can get a formal TCM diagnosis via questions, pulse & tongue to get a customized treatment. We offer two services, community acupuncture & private acupuncture to help you. Book now

Note: This is a general information article & one should go to a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) or Traditional Chinese Practitioner (TCM.P) for an individualized diagnosis of your specific condition.

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