Reiki Benefits: What can it help?

Reiki is a holistic system. It historically came from Usui Sensei. Reiki represents the cream de la cream of his training throughout his life. There are a variety of Reiki benefits which range in the following:

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional-Mental
  • Physical
  • Combination of all three

    What Benefits can you receive from a Reiki session? 

      • emotional balancing
      • promotes relaxation
      • stress reduction 
      • emotional clarity and spiritual awareness
      • relieves physical tensions
      • could benefit addictions
      • could help change habits
      • karmic issues
      • soul retrieval


               And much more!

    Understanding Reiki Benefits

    Spiritual: Reiki is a spiritual system. Philosophically it encompasses a variety of traditions such as Tantric Buddhism, Shinto, Folk Daoism & Shugendo. Practically it burrows from Chinese and Indic traditions. Within the Indic & Vedic sphere it uses the Chakras. From the Chinese traditions, it works with Meridians & the Dantians (Elixer Fields). A happy marriage between these systems is found within Tantric Buddhism. Reiki coming from Japan also has unique Japanese roots influencing its background. These can be seen in Shinto & Shugendo. 

    In terms of Reiki benefits spiritually, Reiki is a jambalaya of a variety of systems. No matter what your background, Reiki adapts to you and your needs. Reiki at the Master level can also work with soul-retrievals and karmic issues.

    Emotional-Mental: Reiki is well known to help with mental & emotional stagnations. The idea of "flow" is paramount in this. When one is mentally or emotionally blocked, there is a lack of flow. Reiki can re-establish energy flow and rebalance the mind and emotions. Emotions are energy in motion which can influence the mind. The mind is a reflection of our beliefs which need a foundation within emotions. Through Reiki, we can harmonize these aspects and any conflicts between them.

    Physical: Reiki on a fundamental level is based on life-force. Life force is the underlying fabric that invigorates our physical bodies. An issue of flow will cause ailments. This principle is within Aruvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Reiki benefits the healing process by flowing energy into blocked areas and re-establishing vital life force.

    Are there things Reiki cannot benefit?

    Reiki is a holistic system. It can benefit anything. However, Reiki has caveats.

    • It does not replace formal medical care or medicine
    • Spiritually it does not replace a trained priest or shaman (unless the Reiki Master is that also)

    Reiki is an excellent system, it cannot replace trained professionals though.

    Interested in more?

    At Wuji Xuan Life Wellness, we have a variety of options around Reiki. Our goals for Reiki is to make it accessible. We offer both Reiki Healing & Reiki Training

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