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Merging Tradition with Modern Life. A transformative Reiki Program taught by a Usui Reiki Master, Folk Priest & Shaman 


A Teaching Built Around You

Are you ready to join a program built around You? In a world of cookie-cutter programs, it's hard to find an authentic spiritual program. We pride ourselves on teaching the way Usui Sensei did. A Reiki teaching adapted to each individual.  This is a core concept in Reiki's philosophy which has been lost. 

Reiki Level 1

Shoden - Outer Teachings

Prerequisite: None

Learn How To:

  • Using Reiki to facilitate basic healing of energy systems (chakras, meridians) 
  • Project Energy which is measurable by other people
  • Perceive & feel Energy 

Develop Expert Skills

Reiki Level 2

Okuden - Inner Teachings

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 (Through Our Lineage)

Learn How To:

  • Transform Emotions
  • Emotional Healing
  • Accountable Distance Healing
  • Re-interpretation of space within Buddhist cosmology
  • Setup energetic space

Reiki Level 3 (Master)

Shippuden  - Mystery Teachings

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2 (Through Our Lineage)

Learn How To:

  • Using Reiki to banish spiritual attachments
  • Heal Karmic Issues
  • Soul Retrieval 
  • How to conduct attunements
  • Teach and guide students

We aim for the highest standard of quality with our Reiki practices.

If you have previous Reiki experience / attunements: A consultation is required prior to enrollment. Fill enrollment form at the bottom of the page.

Duration: 2 Years

3-4 hours a month

Year One: Reiki Level 1-2

Year Two: Reiki Level 3 - Master Teacher

Our Curriculum - A Standard Based on Excellence

Reiki is a standard. We believe in bringing the highest standards of teaching to you. As a student in our program, you will also receive the following benefits. 

  • 15% off Qigong classes
  • Reiki Teaching Clinic
  • The possibility of Esoteric Rituals (based on student commitment level)
  • Lifetime access to refresher courses 
  • Lineage/school specific Reiki shares

Shaman, Folk Priest, Qigong & Reiki Master

         Zachary is formally trained in various Eastern practices. An expert in Qigong, he also has trained in Shaolin Kungfu and Internal Martial Arts such as Yang Taiji Chuan, and Baguazhang. He is a Certified trainer and Shaman in the Quantum Life Science Institute, having studied directly with Andrieh Vitimus for several years and has specialized in Esoteric Buddhist and Daoist magicks. Currently, Zachary teaches Qigong, Meditation, and Stillness. He is a Usui Reiki Master and considered a powerful folk priest by his peers in the community.

Tuition: By Inquiry Only

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