How Does Community Acupuncture Work?

Community Acupuncture Is For Everyone

Affordable, Accessiable, Accountable, & Alternative Medicine

  • The acupuncture price for 1 on 1 sessions can cost 3x more than Community Acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture often takes multiple sessions and periodic "maintenance" sessions for sustainable long-term care. 
  • It can costly & becomes inaccessible to the average person.

 Book Your Appointment Online Or By Phone  

  • Book anytime, anywhere! Our online booking system lets you schedule easily. Prefer to talk to someone? Leave a voicemail. We'll call back to confirm the booking. 

  • Easy No Hassle Payment System: Want to go in & out without the hassle of paying in person? Pay for your treatment online & receive an invoice.  

Online Intake & Check-In

at our Community Acupuncture Clinic

  • Before coming into the clinic, go online and fill in the Intake Form via our client portal. It can be easily accessed via a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Don't have access? Not to worry, come in a little earlier prior to your appointment and do everything in the clinic.

Personalized Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis

  1.  Once it's your turn, the Acupuncturist will review your intake form. 
  2.  From there, you will be asked additional questions for clarification.
  3.  Your "tongue & pulse" will be looked at and felt.
  4.  A formal Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis will be formulated to determine treatment.

Your Personalized Community Acupuncture Treatment

  • Based on the diagnosis, you will receive a personalized acupuncture session unique to your needs.

  • A session is no more than 1 hour for optimal effect, equivalent to two blood qi circulation cycles.

  • For treatment, we will only need access to your arms and legs. (elbow down and knee down) This works on the principle of micro-systems and meridian theory within TCM.

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